My Favorite Fashion Trends

I have to admit, I don’t like a lot of fashion trends. Maybe it’s because I tend to like more classic styles, but then again, I do like to have fun with my wardrobe, so maybe it’s just because a lot of trends are tacky and/or unwearable by the vast majority of women. There are several trends that have popped up recently, that I really love, and try to incorporate into my wardrobe whenever possible:

  • Exposed zippers–It doesn’t matter if it’s on a dress or a shirt, I love the slightly edgy look of an exposed zipper!
  • Peplums–This is not a new trend, and it’s certainly not a first-time trend, but I like the way a peplum dresses up an outfit.
  • Moto jackets–Another edgy look, I especially like a (faux) leather jacket in an unusual color like blue or purple.
  • Lace–You have to be careful not to overdo it with lace, but I have one lace dress, and one lace top, and they instantly make my look more special.
  • Leather (or faux-leather) trim–I’m seeing lots of leather trim on shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants. It’s a nice extra detail, and again, makes a regular outfit just a bit more edgy.
  • A-line/fit-and-flare dresses–This is one of my personal favorite looks–a dress with a full-ish skirt. I remember this shape being popular when I was in junior high, but I think the updated version is much more flattering. This shape is also my natural habitat when it comes to dresses, whether it’s in vogue or not…I’m just happy to be dressing fashionably for the moment!
  • The statement link necklace–I love a statement necklace in the first place, but I really love the link necklaces that are popular now.
  • Animal print–This is another trend you have to be careful with…too much animal print is scary. But as an accent, it can be a very fun addition to your wardrobe!

There are plenty more trends that I hate, but for now, I’m having fun finding ways to incorporate the above into my wardrobe…who says grown-ups can’t play dress-up, too?

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