2013-14 School Year–Week Eighteen

Another week hard at work!


Well, kind of. We did take Monday off, since Moose had off anyway, and Ryan took the boys to St. Louis for the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up. But we kept going the rest of the week, even though Moose had a snow day on Tuesday, and another scheduled day off on Friday!

We finished memorizing the first of two Epiphany hymns we’re learning this year…”As with Gladness Men of Old.” I’ve really enjoyed selecting hymns to go with where we’re at in the church year for the children to memorize. I’m not always so good at singing them, though!

Turkey and Bunny are delving deeper into geometry in math. They finally got to use their protractors this week, and started measuring angles. They also learned about the different types of triangles…they were very surprised to learn that not all triangles are created equal, although it made sense to them once I explained it. Next week, they get to use their compasses. Ladybug is continuing to work on subtraction, and I’m very happy with how her fact memorization is coming along.

We learned about Alexander the Great (and his horse!), in history this week, which was a lot of fun. We also jumped across the ocean and learned a bit about the Americas in ancient days. I was a bit disappointed that our text didn’t mention the Mississippian settlement that’s so close to us, as it was one of the largest settlements in what is now the U.S., but then again, I don’t think we really needed to learn more about it, since we’ve studied it so often in the past!

Our mythology studies had us learning about Theseus (again), and Oedipus. That’s always a fun myth to discuss with children! Fortunately, our text handled it in a very benign way, so we didn’t have to have too disturbing of a conversation!

For science this week, we reviewed and wrapped up our study of Mars. We were supposed to get started on space rocks this week, but with Moose home, that’s the one thing we didn’t really get to, which is ironic, because he’s very interested in space. I would have thought he would have wanted to sit in on those lessons if possible!

Our study of Scotland had us learn the story of William Wallace. The children found it very interesting, especially compared to what they heard of that story from the English point of view in Our Island Story. I just want to watch Braveheart, now! Next week, we’ll be learning about Robert the Bruce.

I spent this afternoon researching curriculum for next year. There’s something about January that always makes me want to do that, even though the next school year is over six months away. It’s fun to look ahead and see what we’ll be learning, though!

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