2013-14 School Year–Week Twenty

This week went by so fast, I hardly know where it went!

On Monday, in addition to our regular activities, we made valentines for our soldiers and veterans. This was for the “Valentines for Heroes” program that a local (although not our), Congressman sponsors. On Thursday, we went to his office and delivered them. The children were very excited to make something for the men and women that have served our country, and I was touched by their enthusiasm!


We also started our Olympics studies this week. We learned a bit about Russian history and culture. But only a bit…there’s too much to cover in a short time! We especially focused on music (Tchaikovsky is my favorite composer, after all!), and ballet. We’ll be watching a few ballets over the next few weeks, but we started with one we’ve never seen before…Coppelia. Bunny is very familiar with the plot lines of most of the major ballets, and this has always been her favorite. She wasn’t disappointed! She loved the dancing and the costumes, and she especially loved being the one to tell her siblings what was going on.

We did our regular school work, too. Math continued to be easy for everyone, which, in turn, gives the teacher a break. I’m not complaining! We finished our Greek mythology study…next we’re going to read The Bronze Bow. We learned more about ancient Rome and the Punic Wars. The children were especially interested in Hannibal and his war elephants. This week’s science lesson focused on Jupiter, and we made a tornado in a bottle, to mimic the storm that is the Great Red Spot.

Next week…more Olympics, more ballet, and more music!

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