2013-14 School Year–Week Twenty-Eight

We had a very busy week, trying to cram five days’ worth of lesson into only four days. We did get everything done, although not without some grumbling!

Turkey and Bunny kept working with decimals in math, going to the thousandths place. They both did very well on their tests, so I think they’re getting it! Ladybug did some prep work for learning to carry when adding. Even though I’ve taught it before, this still scares me a bit!

In history, we learned about the end of the ancient Jewish nation. We also finished The Bronze Bow this week, which once again tied in nicely to our history lessons. We’ll be getting to the end of the Roman Empire before too long!

We also started our new science curriculum this week, which focuses on botany. We learned about taxonomy, and how scientists classify living things, particularly plants. We did a fun activity to practice being taxonomists, but we classified shoes. Since there are seven people in our family, we had a large pool with which to work!

Our Scottish history lessons focused on James VI of Scotland and I of England. We really enjoyed reading about how the crowns were joined, especially since the English tried so hard to force their leader on the Scottish for so long, and in the end, it was the Scottish ruler who became king of Britain!

Our school year is starting to wind down. We still have a good six to eight weeks left, but you can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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