St. Charles Old County Courthouse

One of my favorite things about the “Cakeway to the West” project is seeing places I either never would have gone to otherwise, or that I simply overlooked in the past (yesterday’s visit to the Shrine of St. Joseph is a perfect example of this). The Old County Courthouse in St. Charles is another instance where I have found a hidden (to me, at least), St. Louis-area treasure:

I was amazed at how beautiful it is. When we were coming up behind it, I assumed that it was a cathedral because of the architectural style. We go to St. Charles once a year usually, twice at the most, but our travels have never taken us past this building, even though it’s a mere few blocks from our normal destinations, and we have probably noticed the top of it at least in the past. But thanks to the 250th birthday of St. Louis, I got to not only see it, but walk around it and appreciate its beauty. One of the many perks of cake hunting in St. Louis!

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