Lego Pet Shop–Night Four

Tonight was the final night for building the Lego Pet Shop!


We worked on the upper floors of the Pet Shop side, which is a nice little apartment, with lots of details.

It didn’t take too long to put together.


We also built a nice little roof for it:


And put the whole thing on top of the store:


It looks great side-by-side with the first half:


But, to display it on our modular street, we split it in half, and I love the way it looks!



I’m not sure which modular we’ll build next, or when that will be. We don’t have the Palace Cinema or the Town Hall yet, and since the Town Hall is the older of the two, that should be our next purchase. I like the Palace Cinema better (actually, I really love it, because it’s got such a unique look!), however, so whenever we have the money for it, that may be the next set we get!

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