Belleville’s Bicentennial Park

Last week, we finally got a chance to stop by Belleville’s new Bicentennial Park. It’s a beautiful place, especially right now with the leaves turning! There are several nature trails winding through the trees, and it’s a great place to see some local flora (and probably fauna, as well!).



There are two small play areas…emphasis on small. But they each have a cool theme…one is trees, and the other butterflies. Between the two, there’s one regular swing and one baby swing, a climbing structure, two tunnels, and some stepping flowers.

There’s even a bench in each area to fit the theme!

A nice gazebo sits just off one of the lakes:


That same lake has a small dock:


There’s a stream running along the edge of the park:


A few familiar pieces of art grace the park…I think we’ve seen them (or at least pieces by the same artists), at Art on the Square!

It’s well-marked, so everyone will remember when it was built, and why!




I will say that it feels like it’s still a work in progress. There are a few paved trails that end abruptly, and it seems like there should be more play areas with different themes. It appears that there are further plans for the park as money becomes available, although I don’t know what those plans are. I look forward to seeing how it changes and improves in the future!

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