Back to Normal

In case you missed it, on New Year’s Day, I did this to my hair:


Bright colors like that don’t last long, however, so not too much time passed before I went with an all-over violet:


But, as is the case with all good things, that too came to an end, and more quickly than I expected, so now it’s back to normal, more or less:


If you’re keeping track, that’s three major dye jobs, and a serious hair-bleaching in about a month’s time, which is not ideal. I loved the dip-dye pink and purple, although after discovering how hard the bleaching process was on my hair, I don’t know that I’ll ever try something so extreme again, and if I do, it will be over my natural (kind of) color, not over bleached hair! I loved the violet, too, but it was definitely not worth the effort once I found out how quickly it washed out. I’m glad I did it all once, though, and even gladder that I have photographic evidence of it!

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