Sartorial Saturday–Hair Care in the Time of COVID-19

I know a lot of people are comfortable going into a salon, masked or not, and getting their hair done. But we’ve decided to stay out of places like that for time being, which meant I had to find a way to deal with my hair myself…or with a little help.

Just before things started shutting down last March, I got a major haircut, including bangs for the first time in years. Last summer, I realized I was going to have to do something about them unless I wanted to embrace the sheepdog look, so I finally, timidly, trimmed a very small amount off the ends. That went well, so I’ve successfully been trimming them more boldly ever since. I’ve also dyed my hair a few times, not because I “need” to, or because I was trying to replace a salon service, because I never did that anyway, but just for fun. But the main length of my hair was an issue that I hadn’t dealt with, and it was becoming a problem.

Enter Bunny. For months, she’s been offering to cut my hair. Rather eagerly, I might add. So last week, I decided to take her up on it. I figured it would be another fun memory we could share of this very strange time. I cut the part directly around my face, so she would know what length I wanted, and then she got to work. She did a very nice job, and it’s certainly better than a lot of unfortunate haircuts I’ve received in the past. As always, it’s quite a relief to have the split ends and annoying bulk of my hair gone, and now I know that I have a stylist in the house who can lend me a hand!

Sartorial Saturday–Mary Blair March Before & After

I already shared a wrap-up of this year’s Mary Blair March outfits, but I want to take a moment to look at the differences between March 1st and March 31st, even though I was wearing the same Harley planes print dress both days.

At the beginning of the month, I got a major haircut. Including BANGS. I can’t even remember the last time I had bangs, and while I’d been talking about doing it for months, I was pretty scared to actually go through with it, because I was worried I’d be be instantly filled with regret. But I LOVE them! I also had some ear piercings done early in the month. This is another thing I’ve thought about doing for a long time, and like the bangs, I’m glad I finally went through with it! I’m also really, really happy I had both things done before everything locked down, because who knows when I would have had another opportunity?

Obviously, the world we live in also changed a lot from March 1st to March 31st, to the point where it is now almost unrecognizable. Nothing is the same anymore. So I feel like these superficial, physical changes are a good metaphor for the events of 2020 so far, only mine are a lot more pleasant, with a lot less permanent ramifications!


It’s funny how much of a relief getting your hair cut can be. On Sunday morning, during church, I realized that I had had it with my hair. I’ve been growing it out, just so I could get the dyed, damaged ends all cut off at once. I had planned to wait another month or so, because I didn’t want my hair to be too short, but I couldn’t take it anymore. The damaged ends were scratchy, and I was tired of having two-toned hair. So I went directly from church to Great Clips, and had at least four inches cut off.

My sense of relief was immense. My hair immediately stopped annoying me. It’s back to being all one color, the ends are soft, and it’s not even that short! Which makes me wonder why I was trying to put off the inevitable in the first place…

Bunny Before and After

So this happened today:

Last week, Bunny decided she wanted to get her hair cut short. She had talked about doing so last summer, because she was interested in donating her hair, but wasn’t totally sold on chopping it all off then. She was finally ready today, and in the end had a cute new hairdo and a nice long ponytail that was good for donation!

Shining a Light on Autism

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, and, as always, I’m wearing lots of blue (including my freshly dyed hair) to “Light it up Blue” to shine a light on autism.


Did you wear blue today?