I’m No Angel

Lane Bryant has a new campaign right now…not just an ad campaign, I don’t think, but a full-on fashion industry movement. It’s called “I’m No Angel,” and it’s an obvious backlash to the constant barrage of “perfect” Victoria’s Secret models being held up as an example of what women should aspire to.

I think Lane Bryant’s new campaign, from the title to the pictures that go along with it, is genius. How many women can ever hope to look like a Victoria’s Secret model? What kind of message are we sending to our girls when they see the ads and the fashion shows illustrating to them what they’re “supposed” to look like?

I say, enough is enough. We need a more realistic look at beauty and human bodies in this country, especially in the fashion industry. So I’m totally on board with Lane Bryant, and I will proudly proclaim that “I’m No Angel!”


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