Peasant Tops

There was one wardrobe staple from Pinup Girl Clothing that I was reluctant to try…the peasant top. They’re very popular, and available in some amazing colors (which conveniently coordinate with the various beautiful Pinup Girl skirts), but I was hesitant. Why? Well, let’s be honest…my arms aren’t my best feature. But I also really dislike being overly warm in the spring and summer, so I’m not going to be wearing long sleeves. I figured if I’m going to be wearing tank tops and short sleeves that show my arms, I may as well also try out the Pinup Girl peasant top!

I’m very happy with them. The construction of the shirts is amazing, as is everything else I’ve purchased from Pinup Girl. The quality is outstanding, and the colors are amazing. As for my arms…well, yes, you can see them. And elastic and arm fat aren’t exactly best friends. But who cares? Covering them up isn’t actually going to change anything about them, and I love the way these shirts look with my skirts, so it’s a price I’m willing to pay!

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