Sartorial Saturday–A Trio of Mary Blair Plane Prints

In honor of Mary Blair March, I thought I’d take a look at one of the two most common Mary Blair prints in my wardrobe…the planes print! I have this gorgeous pattern on three different Pinup Girl Clothing items: the Harley dress, the Natalie swing dress, and the Doris skirt:

I love the colors and whimsy of this print, and I really love how many different accessories in multiple shades work with it, making it super easy to create many different looks!

Sartorial Saturday…On a Tuesday–Red, White, and Blue

Since tomorrow is Independence Day in the U.S., I thought I’d share a few ideas for dressing for the Fourth of July. You’ll notice Pinup Girl Clothing’s Mary Blair plane print makes an appearance three different ways…as a Harley dress, a Natalie swing dress, and a Doris skirt. The red, white, and blue of the print is perfect for Independence Day fashion! So are PUG’s red Harley top, blue sky harlequin skirt, and red, white, and blue Amanda dress!

Here are some of my favorite ways to accessorize with red, white, and blue, as well:

What’s your favorite way to wear red, white, and blue?

Sartorial Saturday–Mary Blair March

I had so much fun participating in Mary Blair March last month! Here is a wrap-up of some (but not nearly all!) of the outfits I wore, with a few favorites from other times thrown in for fun:

Next year, I’m going to choose a specific week in March to celebrate Mary Blair, and promote it. Hopefully, even more admirers of her work will join me then, in wearing lots of fun prints in different styles! And if we’re really lucky, maybe Pinup Girl Clothing will have added to their Mary Blair collection before then…I would love to add more items to my wardrobe!

Sartorial Saturday–It’s a Bird…And Planes!

I love how many different tops I can wear with my Doris Mary Blair planes skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing. I’ve done black, white, black and white stripes, and red, in addition to this olive green peasant top, and they all look great. No matter what color I’m wearing, though, I almost always pin on this pretty little blue bird brooch from Erstwilder…it’s the perfect addition, both in color, and in the flight theme of the outfit!

Less than two weeks to go in Mary Blair March…what Mary Blair prints are you wearing?

My Mary Blair Obsession

It’s no secret that I love Mary Blair, an artist who created illustrations for Little Golden Books and also worked as an animator for Disney beginning in the 1940s, on films including Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. She even posthumously won the Winsor-McCay award for her contributions to animation, and a Disney Legend award for her contributions to the Disney Company. Pinup Girl Clothing has a collection that was made as part of a collaboration with her estate, and features her whimsical artwork and bold colors. It was thanks to this collection that I first learned about Mary Blair’s work and legacy early in 2015. I have added quite a few of these pieces to my wardrobe, and now I have transportation, animal, and other novelty prints in both skirts and dresses. While not all of my Pinup Girl ¬†outfits feature Mary Blair, well over half of the skirts and dresses I’ve purchased do have her artwork. I don’t have every Mary Blair print Pinup Girl has produced, but I do think it has become a full-blown obsession for me!

A Tailoring Before & After

Ever since I first wore my Mary Blair planes Doris skirt from Pinup Girl, I’ve been planning on having the hem taken up about five inches. Despite the gorgeous print, the skirt was just too long, hitting my leg at an unflattering spot, and creating the dreaded waterfall effect when worn with a petticoat. Last week, I finally took it into the tailor, and she did a great job…it’s amazing what a difference tailoring can make! I love the skirt even more now!

I also love the way it looks with a solid red top…perfect for cheering on Team USA in the Olympics!

Peasant Tops

There was one wardrobe staple from Pinup Girl Clothing that I was reluctant to try…the peasant top. They’re very popular, and available in some¬†amazing colors (which conveniently coordinate with the various beautiful Pinup Girl skirts), but I was hesitant. Why? Well, let’s be honest…my arms aren’t my best feature. But I also really dislike being overly warm in the spring and summer, so I’m not going to be wearing long sleeves. I figured if I’m going to be wearing tank tops and short sleeves that show my arms, I may as well also try out the Pinup Girl peasant top!

I’m very happy with them. The construction of the shirts is amazing, as is everything else I’ve purchased from Pinup Girl. The quality is outstanding, and the colors are amazing. As for my arms…well, yes, you can see them. And elastic and arm fat aren’t exactly best friends. But who cares? Covering them up isn’t actually going to change anything about them, and I love the way these shirts look with my skirts, so it’s a price I’m willing to pay!

Stripes and Planes

I’ve worn stripes with Mary Blair trains before, so it seems fitting to also wear stripes with Mary Blair planes!

This is my first Doris skirt from Pinup Girl…it’s also my first “something other than a Jenny skirt! While I love the Jenny, and it will probably always be my favorite, it’s nice to have a skirt in a little bit of a different style to mix things up (although I think this would look better on me if it was about two inches shorter). I love the print…I’m a big fan of Mary Blair transportation-themed art, apparently. Did I mention that Pinup Girl is going to have a boat print later this year….?