What Video Games Taught Me About Myself

A few years ago, Ryan bought me a copy of Style Savvy: Trendsetters, to play on my Nintendo 3DS. Mostly I just play Animal Crossing, but this game was right up my alley…it was all about designing outfits and creating fashion shows at which to display them, along with cool hair and makeup choices. I loved all the different styles of fashion and the ability to create any kind of outfit I wanted. And I would dress my character in all kinds of fashions…bold and luxe and feminine and whatever else I wanted. I experimented with all kinds of looks, and rarely wore the same thing twice. It was an awesome game!

Last month, Ryan surprised me with the game’s sequel–Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. Many aspects of the game are the same…there are still outfits to create, and fashion shows to participate in. They’ve added a bunch of new options, too, however. You can now not only change your hair and makeup, but do styles for other characters. You can also design clothes (not just outfits), and try your hand at interior design. Like its predecessor, it’s an awesome game, but I noticed a big difference this time around. Instead of trying out all kinds of different fashions, and constantly changing outfits, I have designed my character to actually look like me, (more or less…I’ve messed around with the hair color quite a bit, but I think that’s just art imitating life) full skirts and all:

I know it might sound silly, but this subtle change in how I play a fashion video game has really taught me something about myself. It’s rather obvious to me that in the last few years, I’ve become much more comfortable in my own skin, and with my own style, and instead of trying out new looks in an attempt to pretend to be someone else, I now want the game to reflect who I actually am, because I like who I am! That might sound ridiculous to someone else, but it means a great deal to me!

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