2016-17 School Year–Week Twelve

This was a fairly normal week in the midst of the chaos that is November!

We’ve been learning about the means of grace in Lutheranism 101. So far we’ve covered how the Bible has been translated over the centuries, and how it’s organized. Today we discussed Holy Baptism. Next we’ll be learning about confession and the Lord’s Supper.

Turkey and Bunny finally finished what seemed like an endless string of math lessons on systems of equations. While the equations took some time to work through, both of them found the lessons to be pretty easy, which was nice. Ladybug worked on estimation when multiplying two and three digit numbers. She always wants to make it harder than it needs to be, by not rounding one of the numbers, but at least she understands the multiplication!

Ladybug started a new chapter in science this week, one that focuses on primeval reptiles. She’s in the middle of learning about the ancient “saurs.” Turkey and Bunny finished the study guide for the chapter they wrapped up two weeks ago, in preparation of the test they have on Monday.

The only really different thing we did in school this week was our study of the first Thanksgiving instead of our regular history lessons. I’m still using the same basic framework I came up with years ago, but our discussions of the pilgrims and Native Americans have become more complex. As we do most years, we also visited Cahokia Mounds, and learned about the people who first lived in our area, and who built an impressive network of mounds over a thousand years ago. And just to make things a little extra Thanksgiving-y, we even came across a flock of wild turkeys while we were walking one of the trails!


We’re only going to have two days of school next week…I have to make sure we have plenty of time for all of the cooking, eating, and family fun I have planned!

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