I’ve been following the Vixen by Micheline Pitt Etsy shop pretty much ever since it opened. Obviously, I love retro fashion, and Micheline Pitt’s brand caters to that, with an additional bad-girl edge. As soon as I saw that the pink and white striped Troublemaker top was available for preorder last fall, I knew that was going to be my first purchase, because I had been looking for that exact shirt for months!

The top is amazing. The material has a nice weight to it, and the quality is outstanding. I especially love that the long-sleeves are long enough for me. I don’t know if my arms are exceptionally long, but I find that a lot of “long sleeve” tops fall an inch or two short on me. I also love the color…the pink is the perfect shade to match a lot of the clothes I was hoping it would go with.

You’ll have to wait for my review of the second top I purchased from Vixen, but I already love the brand, and I can’t wait to see what else Micheline Pitt comes up with!

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