2016-17 School Year–Week Seventeen

I guess we’re officially about half done with our school year!

We finished up Lutheranism 101 this week. The last few lessons were pretty easy…we talked about serving our neighbor, spreading the Good News, and giving offerings. Next week, we’ll be starting our study of world religions with One God, Many Gods.

Math this week was, um, intense. Turkey and Bunny have been working on adding and subtracting rational expressions with different denominators, as well as multiplying rational expressions. They also had their second quarterly math exam. Ladybug has been working on time words, like decade and century, and calculating different time conversions.

In science, Ladybug has continued her study of rays and sharks. This week, she focused mainly on sharks, which is interesting, and a little disturbing. Turkey and Bunny finished up their chapter on the lithosphere, and will begin the next chapter after the test next week. We also went on a field trip to the St. Louis Science Center, as they have a big area on the layers of the earth and how earthquakes happen, which was one of the things we learned about this week:

Turkey, Bunny, and Ladybug all hit review chapters in their literature studies this week. The vocabulary, in particular, always looks daunting, but it’s never as bad as they think it’s going to be!

In history, we learned about the Boxer Rebellion and the Russo-Japanese War. It’s amazing how obvious the approach of WWI is looking at it from after the fact, which is kind of a sobering thought. We had more history in writing this week, as Turkey and Bunny continued working on writing essays about a single historic event. Bunny chose the Battle of Waterloo, and Turkey wrote about the Apollo 11 moon landing. I was very impressed with what they both learned in a short amount of time!

Chickadee has been busy, as well…she’s still working on her letters and numbers. The numbers come pretty easy…she counts well, and recognizes most numbers by sight. The letters are a little more difficult, though, so we will continue trying to figure out which letter goes with which sound.

That’s it for this week…I really need a weekend!

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