Jenny January

Yesterday was the last day of “Jenny January,” a week for us Jenny skirt and dress fans to wear our favorite Pinup Girl Clothing pieces. I wore five of my eight Jenny skirts over the course of the week, culminating with one of my two favorite prints, the Paris Jenny, yesterday.

With one exception (that Paris Jenny), these aren’t the actual outfits I wore over the last week (you might have seen those on Twitter); instead, I decided to share my favorite stylings of each Jenny skirt in my collection:

I’m sure there will be more Jenny skirts in my future, as this is my absolute favorite style offered by Pinup Girl. I’m always looking forward to seeing the new designs that appear in the “Coming Soon” section of their website, and I also love dreaming up ideas for prints I wish they would make (A London print is number one on my wish list, with a cherry blossom print a close second!). I know one thing for sure, though…I won’t be truly content with my Jenny collection until I finally get my hands on a purple harlequin print skirt!

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