2016-17 School Year–Week Eighteen

Happy National Lutheran Schools Week!

To be honest, we didn’t really do anything to celebrate, because even though I’ve been doing this for many years now, I’ve never really found a good way to incorporate Lutheran Schools week into our homeschool. I do like at least noting it every year when it comes up, though!

We began our new study of One God, Many Gods in religion. So far, we’ve only reviewed basic beliefs that are common to all Christians, and gone through the first chapter about non-Christians, which focuses on Judaism. We also marked the commemoration days for Timothy, Titus, and the Conversion of Saint Paul this week.

In math, Turkey and Bunny worked with complex fractions and complex rational expressions. This is all in preparation for next week’s lessons, which focus on the thing I’ve been dreading since the day we decided to homeschool, almost nine years ago…quadratic equations. I hope we all survive! Ladybug has been working on time zones, logical reasoning and basic geometry terms, which seems very simple in comparison!

Our history studies finally took us to the beginning of WWI. We learned about trouble in Persia and a mess in the Balkans. We came upon our first reference to Winston Churchill, and saw the creation of what would become British Petroleum. This is such an interesting time to study, because so many big things happened, and yet, it really didn’t take place that long ago!

Turkey and Bunny left the world of writing about historical events to analyze poetry in their writing course. Ladybug is continuing to diagram very complicated sentences, including ones that have adverbs on top of adverbs. Chickadee is still working on learning the alphabet, which sounds a lot easier than it is!

Ladybug finished learning about sharks and rays in science. We were very appalled to learn about lampreys and hagfish…especially since science is right after lunch! Turkey and Bunny also finished their chapter in science…next week, they start learning about weather.

Today, we took the day off of our regular lessons and went to the St. Louis Science Center with Moose, who also had the day off from his school. We spent about four hours there, which I think was a new record for us, and checked out pretty much every exhibit, including the really cool new MathAlive! exhibit that just opened this week, the fairly new outdoor GROW exhibit, and everything we could possibly see in the planetarium, including a star show about the constellations. It was a very fun day filled with hands-on learning, which is always the best kind!

Next week will be a very big week for us, as we deal with quadratic equations, and really dive into WWI. I am both dreading and looking forward to it!

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