As hard as it is for me to believe (do I start every birthday post that way?), Chickadee turned five today. These five years have gone by faster than any others in my life!

We spent the day at the St. Louis Science Center, or, as Chickadee calls it, the “Monster Museum.” We saw all her favorite exhibits, went to the star show, and saw our very first Omnimax film…Extreme Weather. And Chickadee and I even wore our matching Pinup Girl Clothing outfits, which feature her favorite animal: the elephant, in a fun Mary Blair print!

When we got home, it was present time. She received two Frozen Lego sets, which she loves, but the biggest hit was the Batcave, complete with a Batmobile, and some characters to play with!

She asked for a cake with a flower on it, which was super easy for me to decorate. The cake got pinker and pinker as the week went on. It started with pink frosting, then she wanted a strawberry cake, and then pink candles, and we even got strawberry ice cream to go with it. I’m pretty sure it’s the pinkest cake I’ve ever made!

Happy Birthday Chickadee!

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