2016-17 School Year–Spring Break

I lied.

We were going to have our spring break during Holy Week. That’s been my plan for months. But I just couldn’t take it anymore. Between the holiday (St. Patrick’s Day), two birthdays (Turkey’s and Chickadee’s), and the lingering cold we’ve dealt with over the last week or two, I needed a break!

The week wasn’t a total loss, however. We went out three of the days, on different field trips. We visited the Missouri Botanical Garden on Monday to see the cherry blossoms, and also saw some sculptures we’ve never noticed before, did some animal observation, and noted some of the Latin names of different plants, and figured out what they meant. On Chickadee’s birthday, we went to the St. Louis Science Center and saw the Omnimax film, Extreme Weather, took in a star show, and visited a few of the other exhibits. And yesterday we took a walk through the newest exhibit at the Missouri History Museum, “#1 in Civil Rights,” which is fantastic…we’ll definitely be going back!

We also did a few math lessons this week, but I had planned that we would do that regardless of when we took our vacation. Fortunately, they were easy lessons, so they didn’t even take up too much time!

Back to work next week. I’m sure come Holy Week, I’ll be regretting my choice of vacation weeks, but for now, I really appreciated the time off!

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