A Different Kind of Fashion Show

I have shared lots of my own fashions here, especially since I started doing Sartorial Saturday posts. But today, I have a different kind of fashion show for you, one featuring an outfit from one of my favorite video games, Style Savvy: Fashion Forward.

I really love this for two reason. First, because the outfit from the game is something I would actually wear in real life. A purple polka dress with a full skirt, a funky hat, cool glasses, a sparkly necklace, great shoes, and a fun and functional handbag (not to mention awesome hair and makeup!) are all so me! But I also love it because I took time to visit different locations in the game (notice all the cool backdrops), and strike different poses, just to get a fashion show feel. I love that a video game reflects my personal style so well that I actually put effort into creating a fashion show from it!

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