The Jell-O Halloween Special

Even though we’re not really into Halloween (I wonder how long I can keep pretending that’s true?), we look forward to listening to the 1946 Halloween episode of The Baby Snooks Show every October. And one of the best parts of the show is the sales pitch (here in bold) Harlow Wilcox gives when Baby Snooks and her friend appear at his door trick-or-treating. I promised the children that this year, I’d make them the “Jell-O Halloween Special” he mentions in that conversation…thankfully, we don’t need to worry about a sugar shortage!

Oh boy…Orange Jell-O…Whipped Cream…And little pieces of fruit inside!

Ahhh…That’s the “Jell-O Halloween Special!” That looks like a dish of sunshine all dressed up, doesn’t it? And just taste that wonderful flavor. But hey, don’t eat so fast. That’s the famous locked-in Jell-O flavor you know. Sealed in by a special process so it’s safe and sound ’til your first big spoonful. Makes you think of the real, ripe fruit, doesn’t it? You know, I can’t think of a thing I like better than a dish of Jell-O, can you?

Yeah, another dish!

Well, I’m afraid that will have to do for now. When the sugar shortage is over, and there’s lots of Jello again, you come around, and I’ll give you each six dishes…one of each of the six delicious Jell-O flavors: Strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon, and lime!

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