Lego Assembly Square–Night One

After owning the set for over 18 months (I bought it the day it came out!), I finally got started on building the Assembly Square, the 2017 addition to the Lego modular series. What can I say…any set that has over 4,000 pieces also comes with an intimidation factor!

Part one of the instruction book (and all of the directions, six parts in total, were contained in only one giant book this time!), utilized a decent number of pieces, but I didn’t feel like I had accomplished too much by the time I was done with it. Surprisingly, there were no people to build (although there was a baby carriage!), and I just laid the groundwork for the three parts of the building and the fountain. So it didn’t look like too much when I was finished, but it was a start!

Up next…the first people, and the building of both the bakery and the flower shop!

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