Lego Assembly Square–Night Six

The final set of bags for the Lego Assembly Square included builds for an upstairs apartment, the fountain in the plaza out front, a fun tower, and the addition of our very first Lego baby minifig!

The completed set is GORGEOUS! I love everything about it…the size, the colors, the great architectural details, the lovely homages to past modular buildings:

Since the Assembly Square has been released, there has also been another addition to the Lego modular collection…the Downtown Diner. Even though it has a cool, 1950s retro vibe that is right up my alley, I haven’t purchased it yet, because I’m not sure it goes with the overall look of my Modular Main Street. I am looking forward to seeing what the next building will be, though, and hopefully it will be something I’ll add to my Lego neighborhood!

Lego Assembly Square–Night Five

I think the fifth set of bags for the Lego Assembly Square contained one of my favorite builds ever!

Yes, I really enjoy the ballet studio. But the real reason I love this part of the set is because I essentially built Joe Negri’s music shop! Seriously, the minifig even looks like him!

Almost done…but there’s still one set of bags left to cap the building off!

Lego Assembly Square–Night Four

On to the fourth set of bags for the Lego Assembly Square!

The pattern of the build continued here, with the second floor being added to only two of the three sections. This time, I added a dentist’s office and a photography studio, and that also meant the addition of two more minifigs…the dentist and the photographer, of course! The build for the patient’s chair in the dentist’s office was especially cool, and the details were spot-on, right down to the color!

It’s really starting to take shape!

I can’t wait to take a look at the next section of the build!

Lego Assembly Square–Night Three

The third set of bags for the Lego Assembly Square included the parts to finish the bakery and florist (I love the giant flowers!), plus the build for the cafe. And not only was there a cafe employee to build, there was also an adorable Lego dog! There are some great details here, including an homage to one of the original modular sets…that won’t become clear until I flip the cafe sign up correctly, however!

This brings us to the halfway point in the numbered bags, but as far as instructions, I don’t think we’re quite half done yet!

Lego Assembly Square–Night Two

The second set of bags for the Lego Assembly Square contained a lot of pieces, and frankly, I was a bit scared!

I shouldn’t have been though, because it was a fun build. First, the people: a florist and a baker! And their respective shops. I was especially impressed with the bakery, which included a series of pieces I had previously only seen for rolling garage doors used as windows:

After this part of the set, I was really excited to see what was coming next…stay tuned!

Lego Assembly Square–Night One

After owning the set for over 18 months (I bought it the day it came out!), I finally got started on building the Assembly Square, the 2017 addition to the Lego modular series. What can I say…any set that has over 4,000 pieces also comes with an intimidation factor!

Part one of the instruction book (and all of the directions, six parts in total, were contained in only one giant book this time!), utilized a decent number of pieces, but I didn’t feel like I had accomplished too much by the time I was done with it. Surprisingly, there were no people to build (although there was a baby carriage!), and I just laid the groundwork for the three parts of the building and the fountain. So it didn’t look like too much when I was finished, but it was a start!

Up next…the first people, and the building of both the bakery and the flower shop!