The Top Five–Star Trek Main Characters

This year, we’ve been watching through all of Star Trek (not including the Kelvin Timeline) chronologically. While we’re just now at the point where Deep Space Nine enters the picture, I think it’s time to list my favorite main characters from across the five series of Star Trek we’ll have watched when we’re through. I decided that since there are five shows, it would only be fair to pick one character from each, which helped narrow the list down some, too!

Enterprise: Commander Trip Tucker–I think this was the hardest choice for me. I really like Enterprise, but I’m not sure that I like any one character better than another. If forced to choose, however, I guess Trip is my favorite. You know, as long as I ignore the series finale!

The Original Series: Dr. McCoy–An irascible old gentleman, McCoy really speaks to me. The older he gets, the crankier he gets, and I know how he feels. I also really admire his dry sense of humor!

The Next Generation: Worf–I could choose Worf in not only Next Gen but also Deep Space Nine if I wanted to. He’s an interesting and complex character, and I love seeing how he adapts to serving with humans (and embracing his Klingon-ness) over the years. He may be my favorite character in all of Star Trek. Even though I could choose him twice, I had to leave a space for his wife, so next up is…

Deep Space Nine: Jadzeia Dax–Just Dax isn’t good enough, because I really, really don’t like Ezri. But Jadzeia is one of my favorite characters ever, and my list wouldn’t be complete without her. She’s strong and confident and cheeky, and she can kick anybody’s ass…there’s so much to admire!

Voyager: B’Elanna Torres–Obviously, I really like Klingons, and in some ways, B’Elanna is the mirror-image of Worf. She’s not a full-blooded Klingon like he is, but they deal with many of the same issues, and I like her unique perspective.

Up next…my favorite supporting characters!

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