Tasty Tuesday–The Omelette Maker

Confession time: I can’t make an omelette to save my life. For all of my culinary skills, when I try to make an omelette, it always tears…or turns into scrambled eggs. But I really like omelettes. So I decided to buy an omelette maker.

Yes, I know it doesn’t really make true omelettes…more like quick-cooking mini breakfast casseroles. But it’s good enough for me, because it lets everyone choose their fillings, and approximates the omelette experience.

It’s a pretty nifty machine. You mix four eggs with your choice of fillings, close it, and let it cook for about 10 minutes, and voila…two omelettes!

The best is when we have an omelette bar, where everyone can choose what they want in theirs, from meat to veggies to different cheeses:

It’s the perfect set-up for breakfast-for-dinner!

In addition to the omelette bar, I’ve made Denver omelettes, BLT omelettes (with spinach in place of the lettuce), leftovers omelettes (with salmon), as well as whatever-we-have-on-hand omelettes.

Along with the waffle maker, the Soda Stream, and the as-yet-unmentioned Ninja blender, this is one of the best things I’ve purchased in this very strange year!

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