The Top Five–Best Moments of Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are already starting to wind down, and while there are a few days of competition left, I thought I’d take a look at my favorite moments from the Games:

  • Sharing Gold–I think my very favorite moment from Tokyo 2020 was when the men’s high jump gold was awarded to two athletes, because they chose to share it, even though they could have kept competing until one came out on top. This embodied the new Olympic ideal of “Stronger Together” better than any other moment I saw.
  • Grace and Courage–Simone Biles was a much-talked about competitor, which wasn’t a surprise, but the reason people were talking was unexpected, because no one expected her to suffer from the twisties and have to withdraw from most of the events. I really admire the grace and courage with which she handled the situation, and I was thrilled that not only was she able to come back and compete in her final event on her terms, but take home a medal on top of it!
  • Tom Gets Gold…and Knits–I was so happy when Great Britain’s Tom Daley finally won a gold medal in the synchronized platform dive. If that wasn’t enough, I was also completely charmed by the pictures of him knitting in the stands, and even while waiting between his own dives!
  • Gold Medal From Lane One–The US men’s swimming team has won the 4x100m relay in every Olympics the US has participated in. This year, there was less certainty about them getting gold, especially since they were swimming in lane one. But they powered through, and brought home the gold (and a world record!) once again!
  • Any Moment Called by Rowdy Gaines–Rowdy is pretty much my favorite sports commentator ever. I love how excited he gets, no matter who is in the lead, when he’s watching a good race in the pool. Every sport deserves to have a commentator like him, who has an incredible passion for what they’re calling!

Update on August 8th:

  • I’m not sure which moment I should replace, but the US women’s volleyball team winning their first gold medal on the final day definitely makes my “Top Five” list. Seeing Karch Kiraly, who I have watched since his court volleyball days, break down into tears of joy for his team was an Olympic moment I won’t forget!

What are the moments you’ll remember from Tokyo 2020?

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