The Top Five–Episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show

Last night marked exactly 60 years since the debut of The Dick Van Dyke Show. In honor of that milestone, let’s take a look at my favorite episodes!

  • “That’s My Boy?” (season three)–In this episode, Rob recalls worrying that he and Laura brought the wrong baby home from the hospital when Ritchie was born, only to discover that his concerns were beyond impossible.
  • The Alan Brady Show Presents” (season three)–I mean, it’s a Christmas episode…do I really have to say more?
  • “The Ghost of A. Chantz” (season four)–Ghost stories and a hidden camera in a “haunted” cabin make this episode hilarious!
  • “Your Home Sweet Home is My Home Sweet Home” (season four)–I think this episode, which is a flashback to how Rob and Laura and Jerry and Millie ended up buying houses next door to each other, and explains why Rob writes an annual “friendship check” due to the giant rock in his basement, is my very favorite out of all five seasons.
  • “Never Bathe on Sunday” (season four)–If the above episode isn’t my very favorite, this episode, in which Rob and Laura attempt to have a romantic getaway, only to end up having a huge disaster in which Laura gets her toe stuck in the bathtub, is.

Season four is clearly my favorite (although they’re all good!)…which episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show are your favorite?

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