Markels Making Magical Memories–Day One

Belleville, IL to Bowling Green, KY; 267 miles. IL, IN, and KY

I’ve done “Road Trip Wrap-Ups” before, but never one quite this epic (I even created a hashtag for it, if you’re wondering where the blog post titles came from)! For the next two weeks, I’ll be taking a day-by-day look back at our amazing summer vacation to Washington D.C., Myrtle Beach, SC, and Orlando, FL! A journey of a thousand (or three thousand) miles begins with a single step, and the first hop was a short and familiar one…we drove to Ryan’s parents’ home in Bowling Green, KY, which would serve as the true launchpad for our road trip. The drive wasn’t too long, and we got to enjoy Zaxby’s for dinner, which is a rare treat for us!

Up next: One of the longest drives of the trip, through mountains, with failing brake rotors. Not exactly a vacation highlight!

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