Markels Making Magical Memories–Day Two

Bowling Green, KY to Alexandria, VA—716.4 miles. KY, WV, MD, VA

The second day of our trip was also the second-longest drive we would have on our vacation, as we made our way through four states, and way too much of the Appalachian Mountains. But first, brunch at Tudor’s Biscuit World. We decided that we would try as many regional places as we could while we were out of town, whether that meant chains that aren’t local to us or truly one-of-a-kind regional specialties.

Another local favorite, the pepperoni roll, was found at a gas station of all places. Normally I turn up my nose at gas station food (except the Wawa…stay tuned!), but I made an exception. It tasted kind of like the Stromboli I make!

Did I mention the mountains? On a good day, I’m nervous driving through higher elevations (I think we topped out around 3,000 feet), but our brakes started making a horrendous noise when we were going downhill, making it the second time we’ve driven through the mountains only to discover our rotors weren’t in the best of shape. It made enjoying the view and crossing the Eastern Continental Divide a bit challenging, but even I had to admit it was pretty!

We finally made it to our hotel in Alexandria, VA, which was located pretty much in George Washington’s backyard. No…seriously. It was adjacent to Fort Belvoir and Mount Vernon, and if I had to guess, the original estate probably included the land the hotel was built on. Our room had a ton of floor space, which is something I’m always grateful for when we’re trying to cram seven people in a space meant for…fewer than that!

Up next: A day exploring Washington D.C.!

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