Markels Making Magical Memories–Day Fourteen

Orlando, FL to Bowling Green, KY; 802.4 miles. FL, GA, AL, TN, KY

We said goodbye to our room and Cabana Bay before piling in the car for a very long drive back to Bowling Green.

Did you know that Wawa’s Hoagiefest also applies to breakfast? I tried a breakfast cheesesteak, which was surprisingly good!

We took a different route back than we did four years ago, partly to avoid Atlanta, partly to avoid the mountains, and partly just to see something new. Our route took us through Valdosta, GA, where we stopped at Ella’s Top Corral, home of South Georgia’s best burger. It really was delicious, but for me, the star item on the menu was the fried okra!

Later in the day, we stopped at a Milo’s somewhere in Alabama (Prattville?). We weren’t too hungry after our big lunch, but I did enjoy trying the Mexi-fries.

We finally made it to Bowling Green a little after 10. And by that point, we knew we were all sick, most likely with Covid, so we scrapped our remaining plans for a visit to the Louisville Zoo, got straight into bed, and planned to leave as early as possible in the morning so as to expose Ryan’s parents (who very kindly still hosted us despite the risk) as little as possible.

Up next: Home sweet home!

2 thoughts on “Markels Making Magical Memories–Day Fourteen

  1. Ebene says:

    Oh no, I am so sorry you guys got sick. I was following the whole trip and was just going to ask how you guys got through that without getting sick. I have 5 kids too and every trip ends up someone or everyone getting sick. I wanted you to sell me some of your secret sauce. I hope that you all had mild symptoms and you are all on the mend. It looked like such an amazing vacation.

    • amanda says:

      We really were very fortunate…we all had a very mild case, and no one had any symptoms until the end of the trip. It was literally the best time of my life, even with getting sick!

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