Around the World at EPCOT

Without question, my favorite thing about EPCOT is the World Showcase. It’s the thing I most remember from my childhood trip to Disney, and it was just as cool as in my memories! Here’s a look at the various countries, starting with our neighbor to the south, Mexico. I think it’s really cool that the two ports of entry are the countries that border the US to the north and south!

I loved the stave church that represents Norway:

China’s architecture is unmistakable:

I might be biased but I think Germany was my favorite country to visit:

Italy looks just like I imagine the actual country does:

We breezed through America pretty quickly because, let’s face it, we already live here!

I loved the blue accents in Japan:

Morocco is the country I remember the most from first Disney trip, but we didn’t get to walk around it too much this time because our time in that country was spent huddling under an archway during a storm:

France is as charming as you would expect:

After we visited France, we crossed the “channel” and entered the United Kingdom. If Germany wasn’t my favorite country, the U.K. definitely was!

We ended our around-the-world journey in Canada, which is a mix of native design, and something vaguely similar to the U.K.

This may be as close as I ever get to international travel, but at least I got to see some really cool things (and eat some regional foods) at EPCOT!

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  1. You saw so many cool things! I live in Japan, and I would say vermillion, yellow and red are more prevalent in shrines while brown and blue tend to be used in temples. Great post! I enjoyed looking at the stark differences between all those buildings!

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