Sartorial Saturday–Saving a Rainy Day

We’ve all heard of saving for a rainy day, but how do you save a rainy day? With a bright and beautiful water-repellant coat, of course!

I have admired the various raincoats and warm weather coats Miss Candyfloss offers pretty much as long as I’ve been shopping with them. I took a long time deciding to buy one, though, partly because my clothing budget is pretty much always allocated to their beautiful swing dresses, and partly because I knew that if I did purchase a raincoat, it would have to be one I felt would go with both my spring and fall outfits. I almost bought one from the “Smile with Lucy” collection, because I thought the floral print in autumnal tones would work well for both seasons, but I waited too long and it sold out. I stumbled across this beautiful Loris-Cardinal coat in the perfect shade of pink on Boho Chic’s website on sale, and I knew I had found what I was looking for. Bright enough to work for spring, but in a warmer shade that’s perfect for fall, with a generous hood and a unique asymmetrical row of buttons down the front:

Here’s a closer look at the curved row of buttons:

I love that Miss Candyfloss really understands how plus-size clothing should fit…it’s rare to find a company that gets the scale of sleeves right, but I never feel like my arms have been stuffed into sausage casings with Miss Candyfloss pieces!

It’s such a pretty color!

The coat has deep pockets and a lovely satin lining:

The hood is perfect…big enough to keep the rain off your face and protect a vintage hairstyle:

Sure, I took these pictures on a sunny day, but I know I’ll feel bright and cheerful even on the rainiest of days!

I’m happy that I was finally able to add this staple piece to my wardrobe!

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