2022-23 School Year–Week Twenty-Three

Welcome, March!

Ladybug learned how to graph circles and ellipses in algebra 2. She read about the Rus and the emergence of the Vikings, as well Michael III and Basil, in history. In chemistry, she learned about all kinds of laws and their corresponding equations: Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, the Combined Gas Law, and Dalton’s Law. She had another poetry assignment in creative writing. We are getting closer to the end of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Chickadee learned about reciprocals and how to divide fractions in math. She read about lizards of all kinds in science. In history, she learned about Confucius and then started a long section on Julius Caesar. She reviewed how to diagram prepositional phrases that act as adverbs in grammar. We are near the end of Kaya Book One: The Journey Begins.

I’m planning on a fun, two-part field trip next week…here’s hoping it works out!

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