Sartorial Saturday–Loungefly Love

I’m no stranger to Loungefly bags and wallets…I have purchased various items for my daughters for years. But I didn’t buy a Loungefly for myself until our trip to Disney World last year:

Now I have A Problem:

Actually, that’s not 100% true. I bought the silver wallet before our trip, because I needed a new wallet anyway, and I figured it might as well be something that would remind me of the fun I was certain we would (and did!) have. But the other two wallets, five mini backpacks, and three crossbody bags were all purchased during or after our vacation!

I’ve covered most of the Loungefly highlights I wanted to add to my wardrobe (Christmas, sequins, Star Wars, princess sequins, The Three Caballeros, Christmas sequins, Disney World 50, and did I mention sequins), but I’m still hoping to add a Disney 100 bag, and if there’s something really cool in the current Decades collection, I might pick up something from that, too!

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