2022-23 School Year–Week Twenty-Nine

We’re trying to get in a lot of outdoor field trips before the end of the school year since the weather is so nice…this week, it was a visit to two playgrounds ranked among the best in the St. Louis area by St. Louis Magazine, plus an old family favorite: Queeny Park, Watson Trail Park, and Vlasis Park:

Of course, we also had our regular work (although it is beginning to wind down). In algebra 2, Ladybug figured age and boat/current problems. I thought we had wrapped up thermodynamics last week, but there was more fun with the application of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In history, she read about the Great Schism and Leif Ericson’s exploration of North America…next week is the Norman Conquest! She read a sestina poem in creative writing and identified its rhyme scheme. In literature, she read a section of Robin Hood Ballads.

Chickadee worked with measurement conversions in math and had and introduction to the metric system. In science, we started a chapter about dinosaurs, learning a bit about how they’re named, and what makes a sauropod different from a theropod. She finished her history curriculum for the year, learning about the end of the Western Roman Empire and the contributions that Rome made to the world that we still see today. We continued reading Smoke on the Wind.

Only three weeks to go, and right now, I have a fun field trip planned for each week!

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