Sartorial Saturday–Suit Yourself

Today I’m taking a look at a dress suit, featuring the Damita-Coral dress and Ophira-Blush jacket from the Miss Candyfloss “Lilibeth” collection that I almost didn’t get. The pieces caught my eye immediately when I saw them in the lookbook, but I was concerned that the color just wouldn’t be flattering on me. I finally decided to give it a go, but as is often the case with Miss Candyfloss launches when you wear a fringe size, the jacket was already sold out in the size I usually wear. After looking at the charts, I decided I could take a chance on sizing down, but I also realized that meant I should probably size down in the dress, too, even though it was still available, because I didn’t want to chance extra fabric under a tight jacket. As it turns out, the jacket is absolutely fine, and fits more like my regular size, anyway, while the dress is a bit tight, as I anticipated. Together, though, they making an amazing suit!

Since is the “Lilibeth” collection, I accessorized with my replica brooch from the Royal Collection, along with a Splendette stack of Duchess bangles that are almost a perfect match for the suit!

I love what a polished look this is!

I also love that the dress and jacket have reversed color schemes:

Here’s a look at just the dress. There is a bit of gaping at the buttons, which again is no surprise since I sized down. The shoulder are a bit snug, too, but overall, I think it fits well!

I really love this neckline!

I can’t believe I ever thought the color wouldn’t suit me, because now I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m also glad I took a chance in sizing down, especially the jacket, because I don’t think I would have been as happy with how my regular size would have fit!

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