Sartorial Saturday–Revisiting the 90s

I don’t always wear retro clothes…sometimes I want to go more casual. And when I do, I often look like it’s still the 90s (so still retro, I guess, and now I feel old)! I have always loved super wide-leg jeans, and I’m really excited that they’re “in” again (this pair is from Lane Bryant, and they’re perfect)! I know, I know…they say if you wore a trend the first time around, you shouldn’t repeat it, but I am (obviously) not one to care about fashion rules!

Just because I go more casual from time to time doesn’t mean I don’t accessorize when I do. And what says 90s more than a bucket hat? I also added a stack of Homes Bracelets (that represent where I was in the 90s), and a RockLove Jewelry necklace from one of my favorite childhood Disney movies…The Little Mermaid.

I added a Disney tank and hoodie to complete the look…I love the color combination!

And my iridescent Docs:

I think I’ve captured the 90s in a pretty fresh way!

Maybe I’ll feature another casual look in the future!

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