Mani Monday–A Year’s Worth of Designs

I have now shared a total of 52 “Mani Mondays”…a whole year’s worth! It has taken me more than one calendar year to complete this project, partly because I didn’t realize when I started that I was going to turn it into something this big and my nail painting was kind of sporadic, and partly because I just can’t always find time to do my nails every single week. I really love how it is a snapshot of a year in our family’s life…you can see the holidays we celebrated (Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter), the change of seasons (winter, summer, fall), special events we looked forward to (the Coronation, Combo Breaker), family heritage (flags), special family interests (Disney, Ahsoka), and even school spirit (college and high school colors).

First, here’s a look at my very favorite manicure I’ve done so far…I love the color blending and the added sparkle of the glitter!

And then all of the rest, in the order they were published. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and Holo Taco were by far my two most-used brands, but there are some others mixed in there, too.

I’m by no means done with “Mani Mondays”…I’ve really enjoyed being creative in the colors I used and the techniques I’ve learned, and I already have some ideas for future designs I’m looking forward to attempting!

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