2022-23 School Year–Week Twenty-Three

Welcome, March!

Ladybug learned how to graph circles and ellipses in algebra 2. She read about the Rus and the emergence of the Vikings, as well Michael III and Basil, in history. In chemistry, she learned about all kinds of laws and their corresponding equations: Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, the Combined Gas Law, and Dalton’s Law. She had another poetry assignment in creative writing. We are getting closer to the end of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Chickadee learned about reciprocals and how to divide fractions in math. She read about lizards of all kinds in science. In history, she learned about Confucius and then started a long section on Julius Caesar. She reviewed how to diagram prepositional phrases that act as adverbs in grammar. We are near the end of Kaya Book One: The Journey Begins.

I’m planning on a fun, two-part field trip next week…here’s hoping it works out!

2022-23 School Year–Week Twenty-One

We’ve made it past the halfway point of February!

Ladybug graphed parallel and perpendicular lines as well as inequalities in algebra 2. She learned about solubility in chemistry, and did an experiment with various temperatures of water and table salt to discover how temperature effects solubility. In creative writing, she wrote a poem about an object. The trial began in To Kill a Mockingbird. She read about Krum, Khan of the Bulgarians, who was known as “The New Sennacherib,” in history.

Chickadee added and subtracted mixed numbers in math. We started reading The Journey Begins, the first of the Kaya books in the American Girl series…we’re hoping to read through all of the historical characters’ stories. She started a chapter on reptiles in science, beginning with snakes. She learned how to properly write direct and indirect quotations in sentences in grammar. In history, she learned about Siddhartha Gautama, and how Buddhism came to be.

We also did a simple but fun craft for Valentine’s Day. I had some wooden hearts left over from Christmas, so Chickadee and Ladybug painted them in shades of white, pink, and red…I really like how Ladybug made hers look like candy melts!

Just one more full week of February to go!

2022-23 School Year–Week Twenty

I am definitely experiencing my annual February ennui!

Ladybug reviewed graphing with slope-intercept and standard form in algebra 2. She finished the chapter on acid-base reactions in chemistry (and we got to do a cool experiment using red cabbage as an indicator!). In creative writing, she wrote a metaphorical poem. She read about Charlemagne in history. She started part two of To Kill a Mockingbird. After making lemon squares, last weekend, we decided to see just how many different types of squares we could come up with, so she started with orange squares:

Chickadee worked with mixed numbers and improper fractions, and found the common denominator for some fractions, in math. In history, she read more about ancient Rome. She learned about pigs, hogs, and hippos in science. We finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and finally picked up The Fellowship of the Ring again.

Maybe next week, we’ll come up with something exciting to add to our days!

2022-23 School Year–Week Nineteen

February has arrived…at least it’s a short month!

Ladybug continued to work with everybody’s favorite word problems featuring “distance equals rate times time” in algebra 2 this week. We started a new chapter in chemistry, focusing on acids and bases. She finished Part One of To Kill a Mockingbird. The theme for our recent cooking adventures was salad…Ladybug had two salads in her memory that I used to make for lunch that she wanted to learn to prepare, so after a lot of googling trying to find just the right recipes, she made Mediterranean tuna salad and orzo salad with fennel, cranberries, and mozzarella:

Chickadee practiced finding the greatest common factor of two numbers in math. She learned about buffalo, bison, and other cattle in science. We started reading about Rome in history…and we’ll continue reading about them for a while, because there’s just so much to cover! We got to the part in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where Aslan dies, and even though I knew it was coming, I cried. She reviewed contractions (and how to diagram them) in grammar.

The weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm next week, so maybe we’ll get out of the house for an adventure!

2022-23 School Year–Week Eighteen

This was a pretty quiet week of school. Ladybug worked word problems centered around “distance equals rate times time” in algebra 2. She did more problems involving stoichiometry in chemistry. In history, she read about the early Lombards, as well as Japan and China. She already finished her grammar curriculum for the year! We continued our discussion of To Kill a Mockingbird. We turned our attention to Star Wars Everyday for a change of pace, and she made Hoth Chocolate Snowballs to celebrate what was, in the end, a pretty lackluster snow day in terms of snow, but still fun.

Chickadee did word problems involving perimeter and area in math. She finished the chapter on ungulates in science. We continued reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In grammar, she reviewed conjunctions and the various ways commas are used. In history, we read about the line drawings of the Nazca and the giant heads made by the Olmecs.

I can’t believe February begins next week!

2022-23 School Year–Week Seventeen

I think we’re still trying to get used to being back to our normal routine, because this was a weird week. We didn’t get quite as much done as I had planned, but that was partially because we had an unexpected field trip opportunity pop up. I was disappointed that the Missouri History Museum discontinued their “Homeschool Days,” something we really enjoyed pre-pandemic. They have replaced it with “History Exploration Days,” however, so we went to that for the first time today. The topic was architecture in the city of St. Louis and beyond, and we especially enjoyed the “Sizing Up the Skyline” workshop, which looked at how architecture has been (and is) judged. In general, though, I felt like even though it’s advertised as a family program for all ages, it skewed quite young, so I’m not sure we’ll go back for one of those events.

There was regular schoolwork this week, too, of course. Ladybug made conversions between the metric and imperial systems in algebra 2. She finished the chapter on stoichiometry in chemistry. We continued our discussion of To Kill a Mockingbird. In history, she read about Harsha’s defeat by the Chalukya dynasty. She also read some examples of experimental fiction in creative writing.

Chickadee learned how to determine if figures are similar or congruent in math. She learned about horses and ponies in science. We continued to read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and she really dislikes Edmund! In history, she read about Philip II of Macedon, and especially Alexander the Great (and added another item to her list of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World).

We still haven’t returned to themed cooking, but both Chickadee and Ladybug baked something this week. Chickadee helped me make a “Birthday Cookie Cake” from the My Little Pony Baking Book, and Ladybug and I made “Thick Frosted Speculoos Cookie Bars” according to a recipe I saw Molly Yeh make on Girl Meets Farm:

Maybe next week will feel a little more normal!

2022-23 School Year–Week Sixteen

Following our extended Christmas break, we finally got back to work this week! But we started with something fun…a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. It was the perfect January day to visit, because many of the animals were very active!

We also did actual work. Ladybug did a lesson on ratios in algebra 2. She started reading To Kill a Mockingbird. In history, she read about the life of Muhammad and the continuing decline of the Persian Empire. She identified noun clauses in grammar. She wrote a short play in creative writing, using Stitch from Lilo and Stitch for her inspiration. In chemistry, she worked with the concept of stoichiometry, and found that the math wasn’t too intimidating!

Chickadee worked on identifying polygons and drawing circles with a compass in math. She started a chapter about ungulates in science, beginning with her favorite animal, the elephant. All of her grammar this week was review, which was convenient after so much time off! She read about Greek mythology, and also some of the battles of the Greeks, as well as the first marathon, in history. We started reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and we made Turkish Delight!

We hit the halfway mark in both math classes this week, so it’s all downhill from here!

2022-23 Curriculum

Before we get back to work following our Christmas break, let’s take a look at this year’s curriculum. Ladybug is in 10th grade this year, and Chickadee is in 5th. Yes, I am annoyed that they’re at different places in the history cycle…even though they’re using different texts, it’s much easier on my brain when they’re in the same time, but what are you going to do? They are doing the same religion this year, so I guess that balances it out! The beginning of the school year seems like a very long time ago, so I hope I haven’t overlooked anything we’ve already done.


  • Treasury of Daily Prayer


For Ladybug

  • Math-U-See Algebra 2

For Chickadee

  • Horizons Math 5

Language Arts

For Ladybug

  • The Creative Writer, Level Four
  • Wordly Wise 3000, Book Ten
  • Analytical Grammar
  • Poetry, Prose, and Drama–Book One

For Chickadee

  • Spelling Workout E
  • First Language Lessons Level Four
  • A Reason for Handwriting Cursive E
  • Wordly Wise 3000, Book Five
  • Writing with Ease Level Four


For Ladybug

  • The Emperor Constantine
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

For Chickadee

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Homer Price
  • Heidi


For Ladybug

  • The History of the Medieval World

For Chickadee

  • Story of the World volume 1 and supplemental materials


For Ladybug

  • Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and MicroChem kit

For Chickadee

  • Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology: Land Animals of the Sixth Day


  • Duolingo
  • Cooking (featuring Recipes from the World of Tolkien)
  • Tennis/Personal Physical Fitness


  • The Lord of the Rings series (we’ll see how far we get)

Tasty Tuesday–Recipes from the World of Tolkien

I’m sure we’re not done with Recipes from the World of Tolkien, but here’s a look at everything we’ve made so far…it’s another really fun cookbook to have around!

  • Turin Turambar Tarragon Chicken
  • Bilbo‘s Seed-Cake
  • Barliman Butternut’s Blackberry Pie
  • Spiced Pear and Cranberry Muffins
  • Lake-Town Beef Pot Roast with Horseradish Dumplings
  • Whole-wheat Molasses Scones with Molasses Butter
  • Elvish White Bread Rolls
  • Lembas Bread
  • Sam’s Coney (but actually chicken) Stew
  • Apple and Blackberry Cake
  • Fish and Chips
  • Bilbo’s Eleventy-First Birthday Cake
  • Beorn’s Warm Baked Cheese
  • Westfarthing Fairings
  • Traveler’s All-in-One Breakfast in a Pan

I’ve really enjoyed trying some new things and learning some new techniques…I’m grateful that cooking has become such a big part of our school!