Adventure Science Center

This summer, we have really been taking advantage of our membership to the St. Louis Science Center, and we haven’t even been to the Science Center since May! On Memorial Day, we used our reciprocal membership to get into the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for free, and in June, we were able to obtain free admission to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville!

Our favorite exhibit was the first one we walked through…Body Quest. What’s not to love? You can walk into a brain, play a laser game to defeat germs, and explore the interior of ambulance:

But the children’s favorite part of that exhibit was learning about the digestive system. There was not a tooting slide or anything:

Moving on…Turkey loved getting to use a lever to lift an entire car!

And because we’re Markels, we all loved the space exhibit, as well.

I even found some more space propaganda:

And who doesn’t love a plasma ball?

There was also a giant tower to explore and climb:

Our Science Center in St. Louis is still our favorite science museum, but we’ve really enjoyed getting to visit other museums this summer!

Nashville Skyline

When we visit a big city, one of the things I like to do is find the best place to view the skyline, so when we stopped in Nashville last month, I did some research, and decided we needed to take a walk across the Shelby Street Bridge by Cumberland Park. It was a great view!

We also walked down closer to the Cumberland River, where the view was also excellent:

And we discovered that the Adventure Science Center’s Skyline CafĂ© offers a great view of the city, from a completely different perspective!

It might not have the towering skyline of Chicago, or feel like home like St. Louis, but it’s a pretty city, and we’d like to go back and explore more someday!