Nashville Skyline

When we visit a big city, one of the things I like to do is find the best place to view the skyline, so when we stopped in Nashville last month, I did some research, and decided we needed to take a walk across the Shelby Street Bridge by Cumberland Park. It was a great view!

We also walked down closer to the Cumberland River, where the view was also excellent:

And we discovered that the Adventure Science Center’s Skyline CafĂ© offers a great view of the city, from a completely different perspective!

It might not have the towering skyline of Chicago, or feel like home like St. Louis, but it’s a pretty city, and we’d like to go back and explore more someday!

Shelby Street Bridge

We only had a few hours in Nashville earlier this month, but one place I knew I wanted to go was the historic Shelby Street Bridge. It is over 100 years old and was renovated and turned into a pedestrian-only bridge in 2003. It provides a fantastic view of the Nashville skyline and the Cumberland River. We picked a good time to be there…while the Predators had just lost the final game of the Stanley Cup finals the night before, the  banners celebrating all the players were still flying proudly down the length of the bridge. And to cap off our Nashville experience, we saw what might be the most Nashville sight ever: a man walking down the bridge toward the historic downtown, under the Predators’ banners, carrying a guitar!