Tasty Tuesday–The Seventh Disney (Breakfast for) Dinner

I planned our seventh Disney Dinner to coincide with Bastille Day, so I had an excuse to make S’mores French Toast Sandwiches (or “delicious hot schmoes”) as found in Hollywood Studio’s Toy Story Land. Since it was such a decadent meal, we didn’t have dessert, but who needs it when dinner looks like this?!?

For the drink, I used the recipe for Keshian Spiced Milk from the Star Wars Life Day Cookbook…it was very much like a horchata, and very tasty!

Normally I wouldn’t make something like this for dinner, but for a special occasion, it was fun, and it may even return to the table as a dessert in the future!

Oggy Day

Originally I thought that for Bastille Day today, I’d break out my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and make a fancy dinner. But our Bastille Day celebration took a whimsical turn, when Moose suggested we spend the day watching his favorite cartoon, Oggy and the Cockroaches, which just happens to be a French production. So instead of making a fancy French dinner, I decided to make a twist on French toast, with a stuffed French toast casserole topped with blueberry sauce for dinner.

I thought we should have something actually French, too, so I made Crème Brûlée for dessert.

It was nice to have an unusual celebration in the middle of an extremely strange summer!