Spring in the Japanese Garden

I love every part of the Missouri Botanical Garden, but there is something extra special about the Japanese Garden. It is beautiful in every season, because it was so well-planned, but seeing all of the colors in the spring…I will never grow tired of it!

Intertwined Dogwoods

I’m fascinated by these dogwoods. From a distance (and even up close), it really looks like this is one tree growing flowers of two different colors. In reality, it’s actually three trees, two pink and one white, that have grown so closely together, that you really can’t tell one tree from another.

Even though I’ve figured these trees out, I think I’ll probably always think of them as one tree with multi-colored blossoms!

Blossoms Again

I think this will be the last set of blossom photos for the spring. I noticed a few more tress that were in bloom, though, and I wanted to make sure they were included, too. So many things to appreciate…the blossoms with the lovely red leaves behind them, the tree that has both pink and white blossoms on it (how does that work?!?), and, my favorite, the dogwoods. What a beautiful spring we’ve had!