Chickadee Thursday–Fifty-Four Months

Right now, Chickadee’s favorite book is Make Way for Ducklings. This morning I caught her “reading” the story to Dolly:



I especially love all of the quacking sound effects…she’s adorable!

Fifty-One Months

Chickadee and Dolly had a very busy day today!

All four of Chickadee’s older siblings are in choir camp this week, so we started the morning off with Matins at that church:


We then spent about four hours at the St. Louis Zoo, and did almost everything! We rode the train, saw a sea-lion show (a first for Chickadee), visited our favorite animals, and walked around in the extreme heat!


After we were done at the zoo, I thought we deserved a treat, and a place to cool down, so we went to The Cheesecake Factory. It was delicious!


After all that, I think Chickadee will sleep well tonight!

The Fourth Year with Dolly

Yesterday I wrapped another year of monthly Chickadee and Dolly pictures. They’ve had some adventures this year, including visits to local places like Eckert’s and the Missouri Botanical Garden, and trips to more exotic locations like Atlanta’s Turner Field.


As long as she still likes having her picture taken with Dolly, I imagine I’ll keep doing it. It’s getting harder to keep track of how many months old she is, though!

Forty-Eight Months

Chickadee and Dolly have been having a fun birthday together! We spent the morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden at Chickadee’s request, and we also stopped at Schnucks, where she¬†enjoyed a cookie from the bakery while we shopped. This afternoon, she asked to walk to Moose’s school to get him, so Dolly got an extra outing!

Happy birthday Chickadee (and Dolly)!