Sartorial Saturday–Skeleton Band

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not a Halloween person. Even so, I had a great time at Legends and Lanterns in St. Charles, MO, last year, wearing a Pinup Girl Clothing dress featuring art by Stephanie Buscema.

Well, Stephanie Buscema is one heck of an artist, because for the second year in a row, even though I don’t do Halloween, I have purchased a piece of clothing featuring her artwork from PUG’s Halloween collection. This year, it’s the adorably quickly skeleton band print, on a new-style-to-me skirt, the Bella:

Seriously, the artwork on this skirt is AMAZING! The musical skeletons are the cute kind of Halloween quirky (not scary at all, which really isn’t my thing), and the moon reminds me of the moon in one of my favorite video games…The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. And I love the color combination…the varying greys and pinks look so great together, and the striped PUG Jailbird top is the perfect addition to the outfit!

I went with pretty simple accessories to go with the outfit, including my pink Splendette Duchess Bangles and a matching necklace, plus hoop earrings designed by Elizabeth Claire Taylor.

I really like the Bella skirt…it feels almost as full as a Jenny, even though it’s not as gathered. And I love that once again, Pinup Girl has helped me step out of my comfort zone and try something new and unexpected that looks great on me!

Stripes and Umbrellas

I have been meaning to wear this striped jailbird top and Mary Blair umbrella print Jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing for months, but for some reason I never got around to it. I finally thought to put the outfit together over the weekend, for our visit to Grant’s Farm. I don’t care what “they” say about plus-size women wearing stripes…I love the way the black and white looks with the pink! This is one of those outfits that just makes me immediately happy when I put it on!


What fashion “rules” do you like break?

Stripes and Boats

I’ve paired stripes with my Pinup Girl Mary Blair trains and planes skirts, so I figured I better try it out with the Mary Blair boats, too!


This is also a fun look and I love it, but I have to admit, I would love it even more if the stripes I was wearing were the pink and white ones on the peasant top that I missed out on this summer…I think that would be an amazing combination!

Inspired by the Italian Riviera

I’ve paired this Italian Landscape Jenny skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing with a striped shirt before, but I knew I wanted a top with a bolder stripe (and a longer sleeve). When I saw this off-the-shoulder, striped, Jailbird top on Pinup Girl’s website, I knew it would be the perfect pairing. I feel like I should be visiting the Italian Riviera when I wear it…and I also think I would be right at home in the “grape-stomping” episode of I Love Lucy!

I love the way my Starlite necklace and earrings, from Meteor Jewelry Co., go with this outfit…the blue is a great choice to bring out the accent color in the skirt. I’m really hoping I can save up for the matching bracelet while it’s still available, because I think it would look great with the 3/4 sleeves on this top!