A Journey Through Halloween History

I was a little worried we weren’t going to make it to Legends and Lanterns this year…we had to wait until the final weekend to fit it into our schedule, and the weather forecast for Saturday wasn’t exactly promising. But the rain held off long enough for our visit, and, as always, it was fun!

The characters are always the main attraction. We saw some old favorites, and a few new faces as well.

Also new this year was the addition of some do-it-yourself passport stamps for some of the characters. I really loved this activity…the lovely embossed stamps are such a fun, tactile inclusion to the passport, and they’re really beautiful!

It’s always fun to catch a performance by the Angry Villagers!

I am also always captivated by how charming and lovely historic St. Charles is, especially in the fall! The decorations are top notch, and the glorious fall colors are outstanding!

Scarecrow Glen is another favorite stop. At this point, they’ve run rather far afield of the concept of scarecrows, but I don’t care…I just love seeing all of the creative displays! The homage to Jack Frost was definitely my favorite…I’m already looking forward to Christmas Traditions!

I’m glad the weather was clear long enough for our visit!

2023-24 School Year–Week Ten

Ladybug verified trig expressions and identities in pre-calculus. She’s almost finished with readings from Eusebius in religion, and she’s very excited about that! In physics, she finished the chapter that introduced Newton’s Laws (not that she’s done with them!). She reviewed the use of possessives in grammar. In history she read about England’s John Softsword and the shogunate in Japan. She continued reading from The Divine Comedy.

Chickadee learned how to do scientific notation and base 2 in math. She started the chapter on the respiratory system in science…so far, she’s learned about the nose and sinuses. In religion, she began reading about the time of the judges. We finished reading both Anne of Green Gables and Felicity’s Surprise. She read about the reign of Charlemagne in history, and also about the Vikings and Erik the Red and Leif Erickson. She practiced diagramming predicate adjectives in grammar.

Here’s a look at the pumpkins they painted…Ladybug made a Stitch pumpkin, and Chickadee made a poison apple:

We also finally made it to Legends and Lanterns, and I think it was extra fun after our fairy tale-themed summer school!

A Spirited Journey Through Halloween History

Yesterday we went back to Legends and Lanterns in St. Charles, MO, for the first time since 2019!

It is always a good day when we visit St. Charles, and yesterday the weather was especially perfect! Some things were different from our last visit (we really kind of missed collecting a sticker or stamp of some sort from the characters to prove we had seen them), but most things were the same.

We were there just in time to see the Angry Villagers take to the streets to warn the gathering crowd of the monsters lurking on Main:

The cast of characters was excellent. We didn’t see them all (we never do), but we visited with most of our old favorites:

We don’t tend to take as many pictures with the characters at Legends and Lanterns as we do at Christmas Traditions, but we did get a few:

There were some very clever entries at Scarecrow Glen:

The storefront signs in St. Charles never disappoint:

I will never pass up an opportunity to take a picture of the Fab Five!

We missed out on Legends and Lanterns in 2020 because of the pandemic…last year, we simply couldn’t find time. I’m really glad we made time to visit this year, because it’s so much fun!

2019-20 School Year–Week Nine

Let’s do something different this week, and recap all the special activities first!

We attended Legends and Lanterns in St. Charles, MO, last Saturday. If I was going to count a Halloween event as a field trip, this would be it. In addition to being a lot of fun, there’s also a lot to learn about characters from history and literature, and it’s become one of our family’s favorite annual events!

We took a four-mile walk around Creve Coeur Lake last Monday when Moose had the day off. This is another favorite annual event, but we missed out on it last year due to my broken ankle. We may actually repeat this activity later in the fall, when the fall foliage is at its peak!

And Thursday after school, we visited Braeutigum Orchards to pick a pumpkin (or two!):

Now on to the normal “stuff.” Turkey and Bunny worked on proving trigonometric identities in pre-calculus. In writing the practiced drafting questions without bias. They finally started “The Paradiso” in their study of The Divine Comedy. In physics, they learned about the parabolic motion of a projectile.

Ladybug worked with English and metric conversions in pre-algebra. She finished the chapter on simple machines in science. We started Anne of Green Gables, a book I really enjoy…I hope Ladybug will, too! She wrote a 600 word essay about horses using the brainstorming map she created last week.

Chickadee reviewed telling time in math. She also practiced counting by sevens. She continued to read about Venus in science. She started memorizing her fourth poem in First Language Lessons. She has also been doing a great job with her memory work in catechesis!

I don’t think I have anything particularly exciting on the schedule for this week, which is ok…we could use a couple of quiet days!

Chickadee Thursday

Today we visited the most sincere pumpkin patch in the St. Louis area! As always, Chickadee loved the experience:

And a bonus picture from our visit to Legends and Lanterns in St. Charles, MO, last weekend. The first characters we ran into (Josephine Clofullia, who is better known as the Bearded Lady, and Captain George Costentenus, the tattooed prince), were eager to get a photo with her!

Legends and Lanterns: The Fourth Year

Yesterday was one of our most anticipated family outings of the year…our trip to St. Charles, MO, for the fourth annual Legends and Lanterns event!

As always, the characters were a huge draw. Some were the same, but there were a few new faces/characters, as well (we really enjoyed the Druid Priest and Imhotep, and the new version of Ichabod Crane really nailed the nervous persona of his namesake!).

And Scarecrow Glen is always fun…my favorite was Vincent Van ScareGogh!

Historic St. Charles really gets the “spirit” of the season, from the festival adornments to the various shops’ decorations:

The girls, especially, love taking pictures in special locations or with special characters…and so do I!

Another new element this year involved the event books. Instead of handing out stickers, each character had a stamp. This had some obvious logistical benefits, and also had an added perk of some characters having specific ideas of where their stamp should or shouldn’t be placed in the book, which added to their eccentric personalities:

Every trip we take to St. Charles is fun and memorable, and as my children get older, and I begin to glimpse a future where they strike out on their own, I have a new appreciation for these special family moments we have shared, and memories that we have made!