Lincoln Park Zoo

When we visit Chicago, I always try to plan one last special activity that we can all do together on the way home. This year, I decided we should visit the Lincoln Park Zoo in the city, something I haven’t done for probably 35 years!

There’s something magical about seeing exotic animals amid the skyscrapers of a big city:

Even when those skyscrapers are partially hidden by fog. I was hoping for a better view of the skyline, but what we saw was lovely in its own way.

We didn’t stay long, because at this point, Ryan had been out of town for a full week, and we were all anxious to get home. But we really enjoyed having a chance to see another Chicago landmark before we hit the road!

Markel Family Combo Breaker Getaway–Day Seven

We’re always sad to say goodbye to Pheasant Run, but that’s how the final day of our trip north began:

We weren’t quite ready to leave Chicagoland, though, so we stopped for a walk around the Lincoln Park Zoo.

We also needed fuel for our journey home, so we went to Rainbow Cone for a treat:

And we stopped in Bloomington/Normal for an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants…Portillo’s.

And so ended our extended trip for Combo Breaker. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories, and summer is only just beginning!