An Obsession with Peaches

Summertime is peach season, and I think most people would agree that there’s nothing like a nice, fresh peach.

I mean, who doesn’t love a peach crisp?

Wade, however, takes the love of a peach to a whole new obsessive level.

He even dreams about peaches…but sometimes, even peachy dreams can be scary!

Or was it a dream?

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before, but I planted a peach tree outside his house, and added a peach surprise box, just to make him happy…and, well, surprised. Yes, I’m also dressed like a peach!

I will say that Wade is certainly an easy guy to buy presents for…a simple peach will do the trick!

I love discovering the quirks of my neighbors!

Picking Peaches

This morning we went to Eckert’s to pick some peaches. We ended up with about 10 pounds, which isn’t a lot, but I wanted to make sure we didn’t pick more than we could eat, especially since I’m not planning on baking with them this time.


It was a beautiful morning!



I swear, you can see the fuzz on the peaches from the road!


Before we left, we also stopped in the country store, and bought about six pounds of tomatoes. Homemade creamy tomato-basil soup and BLTs are on the menu for this weekend. As always, I’m so thankful to live so close to such a wonderful, family-owned farm!