Girly Girl

Ladybug is the girliest girl I know. Granted, a lot of this is in comparison to Bunny, who tends toward tomboy, but still.  I find it so very amusing that someone who isn’t even quite a year and a half yet can be so feminine. Ladybug has the girliest little voice, and an unbelievably girly little giggle.  She even (usually) has quite a girly little sneeze.  But that’s not even the thing that amuses me the most.

What really gets me, especially in light of her age, is how, dare I say, vain she is.  Now, I’m not saying vanity is a good thing, and I’m certainly not going to encourage her to be into her own looks as she grows older, but I find it interesting to see it unfold as she gains more independence.  She loves having her hair brushed and styled (even though her hair is still so short she doesn’t really need it!).  When she sees Bunny having her hair brushed, she comes running.  She loves having “pretties” (mainly those brightly colored, plastic barrettes that little girls are inclined to wear) put in her hair.  And that is her word for them–“pretties.” She can’t really say it yet, but she recognizes it and comes running.

It’s especially bad when we’re shopping at Wal-Mart.  If we happen down the hair-care aisle, she starts pointing at all the brushes, and looking at us like she’s wondering why we’re not playing “beauty parlor” right there in the store.  She hasn’t had a melt-down over them yet, but I’m sure that day is coming!

I love watching their own little individual personalities unfold…